Industrial Dust Collection Processes & Applications

abrasive blasting

Abrasive Blasting

DMS team has extensive expertise in the design and installation of Dust Collection Systems in metal surface preparation applications including abrasive blasting, grit/air blasting, shot peening and more.

Welding & Grinding

Weld smoke has been linked to a variety of illnesses. When welding stainless steel, toxic hex chrome can be released into the air. DMS can design a system and select the appropriate Dust Collector for your application. We can provide systems to clean up weld smoke and grinding dust of welds.

welding & grinding

laser and plasma cutting

Laser & Plasma Cutting

DMS provide Cartridge Dust Collectors that will provide exceptional filtration of fine smoke fume given off during the plasma and laser cutting operations.

Thermal and Flame Spray

Types of Thermal Sprays:

  • Electric Arc Wire (EAW) Spraying
  • Powder Spraying
  • Electric Arc Spraying
  • HVOF
  • Plasma Spraying

Because of the various types of thermal spray applications and their effects on the operation of dust collectors, it is important to identify your specific thermal spray operation. Each process involves different shaped and sized particulate along with varying loads. Additionally, strict safety procedures need to be addressed as almost all thermal spray operations can be explosive and/or flammable. Let DMS provide you with expertise in this application and help you to put in a safe dust removal system.

thermal & flame spray

pharmaceutical compounds

Pharmaceutical Compounds

Dust Collectors are useful in multiple pharmaceutical dust collection applications including tableting, encapsulation, coating operations, fluid bed and spray dryers, air handling units and general ventilation. DMS can provide a dust collector where high efficiency filtration is required. DMS offer BIBO containment dust collectors to avoid cross-contamination to provide personnel safety during filter changes and waste dust removal.


Mining Chemical Processing
DMS can help your mine reduce overall emissions by providing you with a solution that meets with your environmental obligations. Our dust collectors have been stack tested and typically provide less than 40mg/m3 stack emission on a crushing and screening applications.

mining dust control

chemical processing

Chemical Processing

DMS can provide dust collectors and gas scrubbers for a variety of chemical processing applications. We can send our representative to your factory to evaluate your process.

Fibreglass and FRP

DMS are able to provide installation for both the fibreglass manufacturing industry and fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) finishing industry.

pharmaceutical compounds

Grain & seed

Grain and Seed

DMS is an industry leader in provide solutions to the grain and seed industries for dust extraction systems and equipment. We can customise a system to control your dust issues.